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Possible applications

  • KERRADECO combines advantages of existing wall claddings while eliminating their drawbacks
  • perfect alternative for MDF boards, tiles, drywall, wallpapers, paints, etc
  • designed for demanding applications: exposed to moisture, water, scratches and abrasions, e.g. bathrooms or corridors

The advantage of KERRADECO over standard materials and methods of interior decoration

KERRADECO vs paints - wallpapers

  • resistant to mechanical damage, resistant to moisture and water
  • masks unevenness of walls
  • easy-to-clean
  • does not require additional work in preparation for the base as well as protecting an upper layer

KERRADECO vs ceramic tiles

  • do not crack under impact
  • do not require jointing
  • reduced time of installation.

KERRADECO vs partition walls made of plaster – cardboard panels

  • three operations (mounting of plaster-cardboard panels, filling, painting) are replaced with one – KERRADECO panels installation