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Fast and easy installation

  • no need for wall surface preparation
  • conventional carpentry tools usage
  • easy to cut, no dust
  • connecting panels:
    • tongue and groove joint system
    • long and short side connection (FB 300 135 cm)
  • do-it-yoursel installation (long boards, tongue and groove joint system, simple finishing trims)
  • can be instlled using the finishing trims or without.
Installation options
  • adhesive installation - only on stable base (concrete, tiles, plaster- cardboard panels) (1)
  • frame monuting - reduces curvature of the walls (2)

Installation - extra information

  • install in accordance with the installation guide
  • use only tools and accessories mentioned in the installation guide
  • do not modify the product by treating the surface or cover it with a layer of another material

Adhesive installation

  • install only on stable ground - concrete, tiles or plaster-cardboard panel
  • the recommended adhesive to be used: highly flexible, hybrid polymer based, suitable for indoor use and bonding for any construction
    materials and structures - wet as well: concrete, brick, plaster-cardboard panel, natural stone and wood materials,
    metals, glass and ceramics, most of plastic materials, such as PVC, styrofoam, poliacrylate and polycarbonate.

Installation guide