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KERRADECO innovative wall system

KERRADECO is a product which has not existed on the market yet. It combines the advantages of currently used wall claddings, while eliminating their imperfections. It is a perfect alternative to MDF boards, ceramic tiles, paints, wallpapers or drywall. KERRADECO differs from traditional wall panels mostly in texture of natural material and high-quality digital printing. Consequently it ensures unlimited arrangement possibilities.

What is more, KERRADECO is very functional. Due to durability and total water resistance, it can be used in demanding places such as bathrooms or corridors, but also living-rooms or corridors. Installation o KERRADECO panels is clean, easy and can be done yourself. There is no need to prepare the wall before applying the product, or maintenance during its use.

KERRADECO is manufactured in KERRACORE technology which is also innovative. KERRADECO panel consists of two layers (bottom cellular and surface hard) each of which is a specially designed polymer material. Use of KERRACORE technology translates to perect utility properties of KERRADECO wall system.

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